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    • Espadrilles made in the purest tradition, from the models of our ancestors, those still worn today in the Basque Country, to those updated, others still innovative lines, but still sewn by hand. We use natural materials for more comfort, for more well-being.

      The factory store is installed at the entrance of our manufacturing workshop that can be visited and where you can see all the steps of the realization of your Espadrilles (for visits it is recommended to call).

      More information on our website !

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  • Eusko Local currency of the Basque Country

Useful information

  • Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Province : Soule

Location : Zone Artisanale Ordokia
64780 Ossès


Zone Artisanale Ordokia
64780 Ossès

GPS coordinates

43° 13'53.77"N, 1° 18'0.3"W

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