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      Currently the reference in terms of E-Bikes on the Basque coast, VELEKTRIX offers you a variation (depending on your level !) of unforgettable hikes on the Coast and in the Basque Country, (the peaks, the passes of St Ignace, Ibardin, La Rhune...) to consume without moderation, whatever your endurance... Major panoramas and delicious memories, to share in groups, between friends and family !

      Give yourself unlimited access to all the most beautiful landscapes on the Basque Coast !

      Our assets :
      • a base in direct contact with the mountains,
      • KTM "all-suspended" bicycles, Bosch Performance CX engine,
      • "Children's" ATVs
      • an experienced and experienced guide

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Useful information

Province : Labourd

Location : 191 avenue Getaria
64210 Guéthary


191 avenue Getaria
64210 Guéthary


Phone : 05 59 43 78 76

GPS coordinates

43° 25'26.13"N, 1° 36'16.66"W

Traveller Reviews

5.0 sur 5 12 reviews

  • "this is a mythological location"

    3 / 5 Reviews posted by johnnymoon81 on 01/05/2020

    my dad, ovid, talked about this place a few time but never gave me the old six figure co-ords. been looking for this place since '09.

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  • "Electric bikes are fun"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by PinoCheltenham (Cheltenham, United Kingdom) on 04/10/2018

    My friend and I rented two electric bikes from Rue Axular in St Jean de Luz for three hours. I had not ridden a bicycle for 30 years, so I did not know what to expect. It takes about 15 mins to...

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  • "Super fun bikes to rent"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by Julia P (San Francisco, California, United States) on 09/07/2017

    We decided same day to rent electric bikes. We walked over and were assisted and on our bikes within 10 minutes! The bikes were so much fun and so easy to ride. You didn't even notice any hills...

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