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    • Maison FANDANGO produces regional appetized products. It was created in 1971 in the heart of the Basque Country, near Saint-Palais.

      Products from the canning industry do not contain artificial additives or flavors or GMOs; these are handcrafted products.

      The company has just invested in a new manufacturing plant, designed in collaboration with the veterinary services to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and traceability.

      The products are packaged in recyclable metal boxes. The company is in the process of respecting the environment, in particular by controlling its waste and carefully sorting its waste.

      Since the beginning of 2013, the growing interest of our customers and the democratization of organic food has encouraged us to start manufacturing organic products. The company has obtained ECOCERT approval.

      NEW PRODUCT: Organic Piperade


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Useful information

Location : In the countryside

Province : Basse Navarre

Location : Zone activité Arberats-Sillegue
64120 Saint-Palais


Zone activité Arberats-Sillegue
64120 Saint-Palais

GPS coordinates

43° 20'43.83"N, 1° 0'1.45"W

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