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      The Passion from generation to generation

      It all started in 1896 with a mare and a cart where my great-great-grandparents Louis and Marguerite moved from village to village to buy rabbit skins and sell yarn, needles, and a few cans.

      They settled in 1901 in Saint Etienne de Tulmont in Tarn et Garonne where they acquired a property. First of all, they opened a delicatessen, at the same time, Louis started selling fruit and Marguerite made sausages, sausages, sausages, sausages... A room was set up in the shed and this is how the delicatessen was born.

      Louis was an extremely charismatic character, beyond his success in selling fruit since he exported to the United Kingdom, his uniqueness led him to have a fresh flower placed on his car's dashboard every morning.

      My great-grandmother Eugénie Montamat, mistress wife, inherited the delicatessen in 1943. Widowed at the age of 28, her only son Maurice supported her. In addition to her beauty, Eugénie was a nose and a palate, the queen of seasoning and sauces.

      When she retired, she passed on the deli meats to her son. My grandfather Maurice's motto was "always further away, always higher". Each product was a treasure that needed to be perfected and polished. This adept of perfection gave the delicatessen these letters of nobility by acquiring fame and notoriety. An experienced businessman, Maurice continued what his grandfather Louis had started in the fruit business. He exported the fruit to the United Kingdom, Germany and Scandinavia.

      When he retired, my father Jean Claude inherited the delicatessen. A respected and respectable man, he continued the work undertaken by his father. His particularity, a rugby player, from the age of 16, in the 1st division of the Montalbanese Sports Union.

      After studying at CEPROC in Paris, the experiments continued, in the kitchen at Le Crillon under the direction of Christian CONSTANT, then at the Parisian and international caterer POTEL&CHABOT headed by chef Jean Pierre BIFFI, the events followed one another at ELYSEE, tennis tournament at MIAMI, tennis tournament at MOSCOU, reception in ROME, New York, SAINT PETERSBOURG, BUDAPEST, LONDON, PRAGUE...

      Established with my family, in December 1998 in the Basque Country, I opened two restaurants : the Moulin d'Alto in ARCANGUES, then the Taïtu in BIARRITZ.

      Then, the obvious became obvious, the heart to its reasons... that the wheel of life continues. Deeply rooted, I decided to build my company in February 2014, in the name of the 5th generation, in order to perpetuate the secular tradition and ensure that the ancestral know-how continues.

      I would like to put in partition what has been culturally bequeathed to me, you offer a quality deli meats, and, a warm proximity to the customers.

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Location : In town

Province : Labourd

Location : Halles Centrales
Place Sobradiel
64200 Biarritz


Halles Centrales
Place Sobradiel
64200 Biarritz


Phone : 05 59 24 01 19

Cell : 06 83 08 70 80

GPS coordinates

43° 28'51.71"N, 1° 33'44.08"W

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