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    • Founded in 1890 by the Daranatz brothers, the Daranatz House is one of the pillars of Bayonne’s hand-crafted chocolate tradition. In the shops of Bayonne and Biarritz, time passes by without shaking things up. Generations of Gourmands' successively come back in search of a unique expertise.

      A delectable surprise which shatters all preconceived ideas waits for you there! Fresh “touron” (marzipan) and macaroons !

      The “touron” recipe of the Daranatz brothers’ draws its originality from the almonds, left uncooked so they exhale all their aromas, which requires constant freshness.

      Nearly every day of the year, the fresh “touron” is elaborated with a home-made blend of two particular varieties of almonds "Valencia" and "Marcona", and the delicacy of this marriage is unrivalled. Finely ground through several passages in a stone-grinder, then delicately kneaded by hand, the paste is subsequently given the form of balls, bars, or “petits-fours”.

      With this same almond paste, a few small secrets and manual skill, stage by stage, the Daranatz macaroons are prepared by hand. And so, naturally, all the fineness, the aroma freshness of this almond blend are revealed, and it is absolutely delicious !

      You cannot miss the wide range of "chocolate bonbons", ganaches, pralines, “orangettes” (orange zest in chocolate), and some other house specialities on the counter, or else the bars of chocolate, more than 30 different recipes, an rainbow of flavours. It is hard to resist !

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Useful information

Location : In town

Province : Labourd

Location : 15 Arceaux Port Neuf
64100 Bayonne


15 Arceaux Port Neuf
64100 Bayonne


Phone : 05 59 59 03 55

GPS coordinates

43° 29'32.27"N, 1° 28'31.73"W

Traveller Reviews

4.5 sur 5 9 reviews

  • "buon cioccolato"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by isotta86 (Milan) on 02/05/2019

    buona cioccolateria nel centro di bayonne, offre diversi gusti di cioccolata. L'ambiente è molto elegante (tutto in moquette rossa, con un gusto un po' retro). Non ho gridato al miracolo per il...

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  • "センスの良い店内"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by Wander809500 (Nagoya, Japan) on 14/01/2019

    フランスバイヨンヌのポール・ヌフ通りにある、チョコレート屋さんです。  チョコレート専門、特に板チョコの種類が色々あって迷います。  店内は高級感があり、とてもセンスがよかったです。

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  • "Les meilleurs chocolats et macarons de Bayonne"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by 435denisp (Nantes, France) on 22/10/2018

    Il faut absolument goûter les macarons et les chocolats de cette maison qui les fait depuis plus de 150 ans avec une qualité et un résultat exceptionnels.C'est un incontournable pour les amateurs qui...

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