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    • In 2013 Camille and Benjamin Fourt Arteaga, young twin brothers from Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle in the Basque Country, developed one of the first Patxaran in the North Basque Country. Almost all Patxarans are produced in the South Spanish Basque Country. To date there are only 2 French listed producers.

      Coming from agricultural and agri-food training (BTS and School of Engineering) and being very attached to their culture, they aimed to work a product of the Basque terroir. Their choice was oriented towards liqueurs.

      In 2014 EGIAZKI was born and it took more than a year to find the perfect recipes. The two enthusiasts plant 4ha of blackthorn on the heights of their village and in December 2015 the Patxaran EGIAZKI is marketed for the first time, they become the largest artisanal producers of Iparralde (North Basque Country). They are now specialists in Basque liquor and also manufacture Manzana, Patxaka and Sagardoia. The twins do not intend to stop there and are planning to develop their range of liqueurs especially with brandy.

      EGIAZKI has chosen to use only local ingredients, preferably organic, the liqueurs are all mixed, bottled, bottled, labeled, corked by hand. They are not filtered, so it is the natural liquor that is apparent.

      PATXARAN :

      Patxaran, the flagship product of EGIAZKI, is a Basque liqueur (between 18 and 25 ° C) Made from the maceration of wild sloes in aniseed anisette alcohol.

      EGIAZKI, "Le Véritable" is one of only two patxarans made in the North Basque Country (French). The rest is made in the South Basque Country (Spanish).

      This is a craft patxaran, character and quality. Consumed as much in digestive as appetizer, its flavor is pleasant and has a good length in the mouth. The drink is less sweet and aniseed than its competitors, the pronounced taste is felt by the smell and during the tasting. Anisette is handcrafted to the utmost secrecy of its creators. This makes EGIAZKI a unique Patxaran. The rather pink color of the EGIAZKI is different from the Spanish Patxarans (purple), by the variety of its pupil.

      The anisette is mixed with the sloes in stainless steel tanks. The mixture will then be macerated between 5 and 10 months following the progress of the maceration. EGIAZKI is not filtered, does not contain flavors or dyes, its appearance is 100% natural. Bottling, corking and labeling is done by hand and therefore entirely by hand.

      PATXAKA :

      Patxaka is a Basque wild apple liqueur: Anisa and Mamula. These are hardy apples that grow naturally in the Basque mountains. Harvested by hand they are then macerated 3 minus in house anisette. The Patxaka has a pronounced taste and has the character of the apples that compose it, which causes an explosion of flavors. Sweet liquor, slightly sweet and refined. The Patxaka EGIAZKI is a rare product, ancestral, little known in the Basque Country. It is consumed as an aperitif as digestive.

      MANZANA :

      Traditional recipe of Basque manzana, EGIAZKI manzana is an explosion of freshness, perfectly dosed and harmoniously balanced, the scents and the freshness of the green apple combine for a unique aperitif. Unlike its competitors we do not feel the unpleasant taste of the crushed bug.


      A unique recipe from EGIAZKI, sagardoia is a green apple liqueur that is not found anywhere else. Green apples macerated for 3 months in vats. During the maceration the apples previously cut into pieces will release unique aromas. We find all the character of the green apple and its freshness. Liquor that can be drunk as an aperitif or digestive, especially during cheese.


      Biscuits are homemade biscuits in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle. These are biscuits with Patxaran EGIAZKI. We find the taste of our Patxaran with sweet notes of sloes and anise. Biscuits to taste as an aperitif or even accompanied by a coffee.


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Location : In town

Province : Labourd

Location : 64310 Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle


64310 Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle


Phone : 06 27 38 42 19

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43° 21'39.69"N, 1° 34'42.32"W

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