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      You come to the Basque Country, then discover the treasures of Basque gastronomy on our online shop, you will find artisanal, organic, ecological and medal-winning products.

      Behind each of our products, there is a person who loves his work, a culture, the maintenance of a landscape, a way of life that respects the environment. With a traditional agriculture made up of small farms, an exceptional climate and geography, the Basque Country has a wide range of quality products.

      Euskal Saski - The Basque Basket introduces you to the products of a farm that raises ducks in the wild, fed with locally produced non-GMO cereals.

      The Pays Basque is also synonymous with our organic Espelette pepper PDO, fleur de sel and Anana salt, artisan olive oil from Navarre, chocolates and many other quality products that you will find on our online shop.

      Taste foie gras, pâtés, rillettes, confit, ready meals.
      In the Basque Country, Axoa is cooked, which is a minced pork, sheep, veal, poultry, duck and fish, with onion, peppers, Espelette pepper, these dishes are presented in the shop Euskal Saski - Le Panier Basque.
      Do you like Bayonne ham? Euskal Saski - The Basque Basket offers you the products of a mountain farm in the surroundings of Saint Jean Pied de Port, ham 24 months of maturation (Bronze Medal at the 2018 general agricultural competition in Paris), dried lomo, filet mignon, mountain sausage with ceps.

      Sea side, Euskal Saski - The Basque Basket presents products from the port of Saint Jean de Luz, sustainable and fair fishing, in accordance with traditional Basque fishing methods.

      Enjoy fish soups, TTORO (speciality of St Jean de Luz), lobster bisque, fish rillettes, not to mention Axoa hake and tuna.

      The Pays Basque is also sheep's cheese (ardi gasna), at Euskal Saski - Le Panier Basque you will find a farm cheese of sheep AOC Ossau Iraty, as well as a farm cheese of cow. Here, the cheese is served with black cherry jam or apple paste, which you can also find in our shop.

      Also discover our organic and ecological wines of Navarre such as Crianza (Silver medal at the Estella-Lizarra 2014 organic wine competition) but also the famous Patxaran (wild aniseed-based sloe liqueur) and sagarno (Basque cider).


      • Hendaye Soko Buru every Saturday morning.
      • Targets every Sunday morning.

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Useful information

Location : In town

Province : Labourd

Location : 64310 Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle


64310 Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle

GPS coordinates

43° 21'23.69"N, 1° 33'1.75"W

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