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    • Mon Pimentier is the first Concept Store devoted to the only spice in French gastronomy, Piment d’Espelette. This innovative concept, which opened in July 2018, proposes a unique range. From Piment d'Espelette Jelly to Vinegar Creams, including of course the must-have PDO powder, Mon Pimentier products are brightly coloured, sophisticated and encourage inventive cooking.

      Claire and Jean-Michel Sabarots, who are both producers and the co-founders, put the accent on experience – the experience of the senses. With this novel approach they will initiate you into the art of tasting Piment d'Espelette in an unusual and surprising place : the Black Room. “Wake up your senses and learn !” is their motto. Treat yourself to a unique moment cut off from time.

      In addition to helping you discover the different sensual qualities of the powder, Mon Pimentier has got together with top chefs who will reveal all the flavours of our range and share some of their simple yet original recipes.
      A delicious new experience !

      In our on-going search for creativity, Mon Pimentier has opened the doors its shop to Basque artists. He spotlights painting, photography, sculpture and other disciplines in turns. Come discover these original and authentic works from Monday to Saturday for free.

      So, Mon Pimentier is unquestionably a warm and friendly place, a sensory environment devoted to ART !

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Useful information

Location : In the countryside

Province : Labourd

Location : 330 Kaminoko Patarra
64250 Espelette


330 Kaminoko Patarra
64250 Espelette


Phone : 05 59 29 29 89

GPS coordinates

43° 20'29.24"N, 1° 26'30.9"W

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