The Basque Country is beautiful both in summer and in winter (and in autumn and in Spring), in brief all the time. The fine sandy beaches are kissed by the foamy waves …The characterful towns and villages, the gastronomy with its powerful and spicy flavours! At the minute, despite the fact the Basque Country is special location, the weather is still dull and let’s be honest, we had had enough!! While waiting for the better days, the blossoms and the non-stop parties, there are a thousand things to do in this extraordinary land, where we fall in love at first sight with the natural heritage and the gastronomy of its inhabitants


What do you mean you are bored? No it is not possible! Put your shoes on, there is so much to see! The Basque Country beaches are open all year, they are free, beautiful at this end of the winter where the light offers a bright landscapes, without clouds. Grab your camera; it is a great time to take photos!! 

Running on the beach, it is the best way to mix sport and pleasure. You won’t be the only one in sport gear, we surf, we bathe, we sail, we kite surf and we cycle all year long….

Discover our special section dedicated to Pays Basque beaches and choose your favorite one (not an easy task!). 

Talking about surfing... either advanced or beginner, feel free to visit a surf shop or surfing school, most of them are open from March (or all year) and they will tell you the surfing spots the most suitable for your level. For surfing lessons, experts, used to transferring their knowledge and tips are waiting for you, check our dedicated section on surfing schools and find the one just for you. 

In the Basque Country there is not only the beach, but also rivers. Discover riverboarding or hydrospeed in white waters. Accessible to all from 13 years old, hydrospeed is a swim in white waters, with a bodyboard, flippers and a thick wetsuit (so you are not frozen ;). A Sporty ambience is guaranteed but always with fun and a good spirits. Contact a specialist company to practice this activity. During the snow thaw is best! 

The Basque Country is also a land of fishing, in a river or at sea, come and try your luck with family or friends. There are professionals available to guide, teach and let you enjoy this activity safely in an environmentally friendly manner. We have highlighted some fishermen who would be delighted to share their passion with you, visit our dedicated section.

If you prefer your feet on the ground, there is plenty to satisfy your hiking desires on the seaside or in the Basque countryside. Follow the many signposted hiking trails by taking information in the Tourist Offices or with expert guides. The sportiest should climb to the top of the Rhune Mountain, an almost mythical Basque hiking trail through the typical landscapes of the region, a breathtaking flora and a fauna, astonishing panoramas and a beautiful view at the top! From mid-March, you can take the little train of the Rhune to climb up or come down depending how tired you are! Check our section of hiking trails and guides. 


You had had enough with the cold, fancy a day in the dry? Not a problem, the Basque Country has a large offering of indoor leisure and pampering activities for all.

Being a thermal and balneotherapy destination, the Basque Country has a large choice of relaxation and wellbeing facilities (Balnotherapy, sauna, steam rooms). Some hotels offer spas, reserved for their customers, and other open their facilities to all (with an entrance fee). Did you know that the Basque Country, thanks to the iodized atmosphere created by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, automatically gives great benefits to your body? Here, you can benefit from very soft water, perfect to regenerate and deeply hydrate your skin. Check our section on spas, steam rooms and saunas to find the ideal place to treat yourself. 

Children are generally not allowed in Spa and treatment Centers, for the users’ comfort but also because the treatments are non age-appropriate, they can however enjoy the indoor swimming pools and recreational-aquatic centers. They can also enjoy the soft play areas, such as Luzi Parc in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, or also Planète Jump in Tarnos or Trampoline Park in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

If you’ve always wanted to chase your kids with a gun (laser…), go to the Laser Games in the Basque Country. All year, with family, friends, in teams or with total strangers, equipped with a flak jacket and armed with a laser gun, you walk black corridors with fluorescent coloured lights, accompanied by rhythmic music to bring up the adrenaline level! Guaranteed fun! Discover the Laser Game providers in our guide. 


Good, you are in the right place! Not only for the Bayonne Fairs in the Basque Country (even if it is a major event and not to be missed), There are also a lot of nice bars and restaurants to be discovered, for a fun evening. Do you prefer wine barsBeer barsCider Houses? Traditional cuisine restaurants? We have selected the best addresses for you. 

The cabaret lovers will enjoy spending a great evening at La Compagnie de Spectacle Fantaisie Folie’s, themed evenings, bold choreographies, modern ambiance and all the charm of a cabaret… In Les Landes.

After the cabaret do you want to carry on with your evening? Why not spend a moment in the casino? We recommend you the Casino Joa in Saint-Jean-de-Luz or the Casino Kursaal in San Sebastian

To party up to very late in the night, go to the Duplex Club, two steps away from the big beach right in the town centre, there is an 18+ room and another 25+ room ... With different ambiances, for all tastes and all ages! 

See, it is just IMPOSSIBLE to get bored in the Basque Country, and we didn’t tell you everything yet... ;) 

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