The Quintaou market in Anglet: Basque terroir and art of living

The Quintaou market i ...

For strolling, shopping in the open air or discovering the terroir and local culture, the markets of the Basque Country are essential places of exchange and conviviality... On the arrival of fine weather, local producers and artisans in from diverse backgrounds are still more likely to invest Quintaou market in the town center of Anglet Thursday and Sunday morning. Let's go and discover this real institution which has been setting the pace for the lives of residents and holidaymakers for over 30 years!

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An intoxicating mix of flavors, colors and scents

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It's hard to find a more rural setting than that of this charming weekly market, set up under the foliage of the majestic plane trees that line the Esplanade de Quintaou, at the crossroads of the Route d'Espagne. Anglet does not have a dense city like Bayonne and Biarritz, the lively neighborhood of St. John / Quintaou itself as the administrative and cultural center of Anglet and thus welcomes one of three markets in the city two times a week. A place of pleasure and delicacies, the Quintaou market is a meeting place where generations come together, where families, retirees and Saturday night revelers meet in a joyful and warm atmosphere.


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Friendliness and good-natured atmosphere

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Oysters and squid for tasting

The inhabitants of Anglet, the Angloys, love this market. It is renowned throughout the Basque coast for its fresh and quality products which delight gourmets. Between its colorful stalls, we stroll, we meet, we share a coffee. We quickly let ourselves be won over by the overflowing energy of a hundred passionate producers and traders to start the day under the best auspices. We enjoy so much with smiles and accents, with the famous tapas and squid (small squid) a la plancha, best of Basque cuisine that swallows on the go. Beyond the tastings of Basque ham and cold meats, the aromas of various cuisines from around the world titillate the taste buds and allow you to travel from Morocco to Reunion, from Madagascar to Thailand via Greece.


A stop at the Madagascar spice stand


Chicken Carry or Sausage Rougaille, Reunion Island Immersion


When the flavors of Africa tickle the senses


A detour through the olive groves in Greece

A large choice of local products

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We discover a wide variety of food products on the Quintaou market: fruits and vegetables from small organic producers, meat and cold cuts, honey, spices, bread, pastries...

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Basque cheeses in the spotlight


Among its best assets, cheese is the real star of the stalls, especially Basque cheese and the nearby Pyrenees. A wide variety of fish and seafood is also offered on the market, freshly landed from Atlantic ports. On this market we also stroll with our noses in the wind between the stands of clothes, belts, flowers, jewelry, wooden sculptures, flavors of the world, in short, something to be surprised and give in to all our desires.

Ready to titillate your taste buds, unearth treasures and immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere of the Basque Country?

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Practical information the market of Quintaou in Anglet

Quintaou market

Esplanade de Quintaou - Every Thursday and Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

To avoid traffic jams and car parking problems, consider the free shuttle that crisscrosses Anglet (fr) towards the market!

  • NB: The photos published in this report were taken before the health crisis. Wearing a mask is now mandatory on the market and tasting on site, replaced by take-away until further notice.

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Photos and Article written by Lesley Williamson for the Guide du Pays Basque

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