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Alava - Northern Alava

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Alava map

Map of Alava and its main cities

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Ullíbarri-Gamboa, Lake Urrúnaga, Aramaio

North of Vitoria-Gasteiz (note that you can go there by bike, it takes about fifteen kilometers), the Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir is a popular place for its leisure area. There are spaces reserved for barbecues and 3 swimming beaches, as well as large spaces for doing water sports such as sailing and canoeing. Many hikes start from the banks of the lake, as well as a path that goes around (45 km on foot or by mountain bike). It is also a wetland suitable for observing avian fauna. Go to the southern part to take advantage of the wild vegetation which shelters many species of waders and migrants (also go to Ornithological Park of Mendixur). To the north of the lake, Landa Provincial Park is another interesting recreational area.  

Ullibarri Gamboa

Ullibarri Gamboa

Legutio is on the edge of another lake: the Urrúnaga lake which adjoins Alava and Biscay (in Otxandio). It is another leisure place where there are catering and hotel options, play areas and two natural parks on the banks of the lake. Legutio is a pretty village, it is an ancient medieval city,   and if you climb to the top of mount Albertia, you will have a splendid view of the surroundings and the lakes. Also visit the Museo de Alfarería Vasca, a Basque pottery museum with beautiful collections and informative historical elements. Further north, a third dam lake, much smaller (4 km and with no leisure activities except fishing and it seems a nudist beach !) The Embalse de Albina, is in a truly preserved and natural setting, on a mountainous background. In all seasons, these lakes are a real pleasure and the surrounding vegetation changes color with grace !  


Far north, on the borders of Alava is Aramaio in the middle of the mountains. As in a small basket, it is surrounded by Biscay and Gipuzkoa. You will visit a forge and a farm (hummm cider !), A hermitage and good little restaurants await you. If this is not the most touristy place, it is in any case a peaceful place close to the bustle of the city and the tranquility of the mountains.

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Zuia, the Gorobe massif 

Zuia is a community of commune, with Murgia the chief place. There are farms with small producers and the Honey Museum to learn all about bees and their local production. You are close to the Gorbeia Natural Park and to visit it we recommend that you take a tour of the park's interpretation center, near Murgia. Also climb (by car) to the sanctuary of Notre-Dame d'Oro, an ancient place of worship, high up and in the middle of pastures. Continue your wanderings to reach the village of Urkabustaiz / Izarra, from there you can take a path to see the spectacular Goiuri-Ondona waterfall, which is not far from Biscay. Delika is located on the border of the enclave with Biscay and there is an impressive canyon where you can see, at the end of a fairly easy hike, the very beautiful and great fall of the Nervion. Nearby, Amurrio is a rural town that used to be at the crossroads of several communication routes. There is local heritage, such as the Santa Maria church, 3 towers and a hermitage with a pretty park.  

The Gorobe-Salvada massif is west of the Biscay enclave bordering on the province of Burgos. There are many cavities, beech forests, and several peaks exceeding 1000 m above sea level.  

Gorbeia Park

1482 meters, finally, the summit !

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Artziniega and Laudio

A little further north, on the edge of Biscay, Artziniega is a small medieval village, with an old district classified as a historic monument. You will see there an ethnographic museum (the Museo Etnografico de Artziniega, there is also another museum / workshop the Taller-Museo Santxotena where you will meet a passionate and talented sculptor, there is a park, a workshop and conferences. Artziniega there is also a sanctuary in a beautiful natural setting, with a breathtaking golden altarpiece, the Santuario de Nuestra Senora de La Encina.

Santuario de Nuestra Senora de La Encina

Laudio, in the Ayala Valley is a small town and yet it is the second most populous in Alava. Despite its apparent calm, it is an attractive destination, with beautiful shops and many nature and sports activities to do there. Take a walk in the very pretty park of Lamuza, where you will find the house of culture. Go over the Anuntzibai Bridge to see the Ugarte tower house.