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    • Trial Thunder is a base for 4x4 Quads Maxxer and 300cc quads, and 100% Electric Etricks made in France! From the base of Bidart, come and enjoy the joys of hiking with the vehicle of your choice : Quad or Etricks ! From 30 minutes to the day (6 hours) depending on the desired vehicle, let yourself be guided for a sensational ride !

      Action and change of scenery guaranteed !!!

      All hikes are supervised by a qualified guide.

      Pilots are equipped with a helmet, a hygienic charlotte, a pair of gloves and a full suit (in case of rain).

      Conditions for driving an e-tricks :
      The driver must be at least 14 years old and hold the AM license (new BSR) or the driving license type A, A1 or B. (persons born before 1 January 1988 may ride without BSR).

      Conditions allowing the driving of a Quad :
      License obtained before January 19, 2013: A1, A2, A3, A, B, B1
      License obtained from January 19, 2013: B, B1
      Article R.221-4 of the Code of the highway provides that a Class B1 license is required for the operation of heavy motor quadricycles. However, Article R.221-7 of the Highway Code stipulates that permits A and B allow driving of the latter.

      Present the proofs above.
      For each hike a deposit will be asked to the pilot (to envisage check or piece of identity).

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Useful information

Province : Labourd

Location : Avenue de Cumba
64210 Bidart


Avenue de Cumba
64210 Bidart

GPS coordinates

43° 26'47.4"N, 1° 34'53.39"W

Traveller Reviews

5.0 sur 5 58 reviews

  • "TOP! Highly recommend"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by 512kevync (Willemstad, Curacao) on 10/07/2018

    Only positive points! We booked 6 ATC for a three hours guided tour for my mother’s birthday (who turns 52). The guide was so nice and funny, always making jokes to make us laughing. The tour was...

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  • "Mr"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by Timo P on 18/08/2015

    The best thing u can do in Bidard ! Great mentor ..sooo much fun and feels like freedom when u sit on one of the ebikes riding through the magnificent countryside of Bidard . Highly recommended ..yo !

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  • "Kiff du dimanche"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by Solange2CM on 20/10/2019

    Merci pour cette super rando ! Fou rire, kiff, un super moment ! Je conseil fortement ! Guide très gentil et patient ! Et merci pour le k-way !

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