Where to run on the Basque coast?

Where to run on the B ...
Do you want to practice running, running, jogging or trail running in the Basque Country, but you don't know where to train? If you want to run regularly and close to your holiday resort, in town, we show you the best jogging, running and jogging trails in Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet or Saint-Jean-de-Luz. You prefer to take a deep breath of sea air, we have toured the running circuits, coastal trails, running courses in the countryside, coastal or mountain trails. There is something for everyone, all that's missing is the sneakers!

Opening photo : © runinspo / Pixabay.com

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Running, running, jogging in towns and along the Basque coast

Do you like to run but have not yet made the choice of your discipline? Here is a little reminder of your options, before you start running... Jogging, running, it's always running. So what's the difference? In fact, it's all about intensity.

We take you running in the towns of the Basque coast. The idea is to play sports every day and keep in shape during your holidays, near your accommodation or without leaving the city. Let's go for our best city racing spots :

  • In Bayonne, the most popular trail is the Nive greenway. A 13 km long route that takes you from the center of Bayonne to Ustarizt, following the old towpath on the banks of the Nive. But you can also walk along the Adour on the Pédros quay, then take the Vélodyssée from the René Gassin public garden.
  • In Anglet, the wooden pontoon that runs along the beaches for 10 km will allow you to combine holiday decor and racing comfort. It is very popular, so try to avoid rush hour or you may lose the pace of your race. To avoid a round trip on the same track, there is a circuit that goes through the city center but remember to find out about the route beforehand because you can easily get lost.


Bayonne, from the Voie Verte de la Nive. Photo : @Guide of the Basque Country

  • In Biarritz, the walk that leads from the Biarritz lighthouse to the Rocher de la Vierge is a must for joggers and runners. For a more natural atmosphere, go to Lake Marion instead.
  • In Saint-Jean-de-Luz, if you want to enjoy the sea air, take the coastal path from Pointe Sainte Barbe to Erromardie beach. In the other direction, you can walk along the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz by the promenade des Rocher, then that of the beach. To change a bit from the sea, the Alfred Pose promenade takes you to the banks of the Nivelle.

saint jean de luz beach

    the Beach, a must for running, here in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Photo : @Guide of the Basque Country

    coastal path

    The landscapes of the Basque Country are not lacking in character to run and get some fresh air. Photo : @Guide of the Basque Country

    hilly basque country

    Starting at the ocean, you can then go up high in the mountains, to transform this little jogging into a trail! This is the magic of the Basque Country. Photo : @Guide of the Basque Country

    Run on coastal paths or do mountain trails

    If you prefer a more natural environment, more rustic tracks and a calmer atmosphere, you should go for the trail. Trail running is a nature race, which is practiced on trails and dirt roads.

    find out more The Placr application geolocates you to find the best running course closest to you.

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    Depending on your level of training, you can run in the plains or along the coast, with a low vertical drop or in the mountains, until you reach the highest passes. We show you our most beautiful trails :

    • Just before the border, in Hendaye, the Château d'Abbadia estate is the ideal place to start. The setting is landscaped, with wilder areas, by the ocean and the view is splendid. But it is also a well-maintained area where there is less risk of getting injured on a difficult part.
    • In Anglet, the Pignada forest fitness trail is more sporty than it seems. Of course, it is not long, but running in the sand is a very specific exercise. And if you haven't done enough work on your thighs, you can extend the session in the fitness field. Among the many trails that cross the Pignada forest, you can also follow the green way.
    • The coastal path includes some stony, narrow passages and stairs. It is therefore reserved for good level runners, but the summit of Jaizkibel at its southern end is an objective that must be earned. The entirety of this challenge covers 25 km from Bidart to Hendaye, not to mention the steep climb of Jaizkibel. To do it in several stages, you can start in Guéthary, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Ciboure, or Urrugne. The panorama is more beautiful in the north-south direction. We show you some points of view from the coastal path.

    hike in iparla

      The paths of the crests of Iparla. Photo : @Guide of the Basque Country

      • Once well trained, it's time to set off to conquer the peaks of the Basque Country. The most famous mountain trails are Mount Baigura and the Iparla ridges.

      To see some beautiful photos of the mountains of the Basque Country, we tested the Iparla ridges (fr) for you while hiking.

      the good idea Participating in an event is always motivating and will push you to be regular in your training. Here are the major trail running events in the Basque Country (fr).

      You are now ready to pace the Basque Country, play sports and keep in shape even during your holidays!

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