Taste Etxeko Ham, dried and matured in Espelette!

Taste Etxeko Ham, dri ...

Do you like the Basque Country for its generous and gourmet culinary traditions? Charcuterie, cheeses, sweets, spirits and good wines, Etxe Peio has been the flagship of the flavors of the Basque Country, Iberia and the southwest for more than 15 years. Discover Le Séchoir d'Espelette, a specialized salting workshop in Espelette, which refines delicious and tasty hams on the bone and pork specialties, to be found in stores or on the Etxe Peio online store.

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The quality of a ham depends on exceptional meat

The cured products from the Espelette Dryer are of high quality. Breed Duroc pigs (for Etxeko Ham) are selected and raised according to traditional methods that respect their needs. In the middle of nature , they are then processed at the Séchoir d'Espelette. Salted, matured in a controlled atmosphere, these cured hams have an intramuscular fat that gives its inimitable, marbled taste, just right, to hams on the bone, boneless, in quarters, half or slices. Sold in Etxe Peio stores, but also on the online store, it is the assurance of a 100% dried and refined product in Espelette, which meets all culinary requirements!

Sausages Dry Espelette Etxe Peio
Sausages Dry Espelette Etxe Peio

Award-winning know-how

Refined for 15 months in an environment under controlled humidity and temperature, these hams benefit from meticulous drying. All the taste and the excellence of the flavors of the meat, are found concentrated to offer an incomparable taste quality... Pronounced and appetizing aroma, soft texture, a melting fat (to taste, a real ham has just the fat it necessary, to thrill your taste buds and ensure length in the mouth!)... Keep your ham in a cool, clean place, but bring it back a little in advance to give it time to warm up and develop its aromas in the mouth, at room temperature. Thin slices, to place just on the tongue to make you salivate with pleasure... Or thicker slices to marry with a good country bread or steamed potatoes...

Etxe Peio products received the Artisan Gourmand Label in 2021, which rewards producers who are committed to " home-made " and in 2023, Etxe Peio received, during the Concours Général Agricole 2023, the Silver Medal for pâté de nature campaign and the bronze medal for the nature sausage! Hmmm… We are drooling in advance from these hams they are preparing!

The Dryer of Espelette

Share around a good table

Ham and charcuterie in general is a true art of living in the Basque Country! Iberian gastronomy will have no more secrets for you after your visit to one of the Etxe Peio shops. To prepare a Basque aperitif with traditional products, of high quality and selected for their powerful and balanced flavor, it is paradise to share with friends!

The Circuit court is the guarantee of hams, a Basque Kopa, dried Lomo but also duck specialties such as foie-gras, pâtés, dishes cooked with Espelette pepper… Cheese lovers will not be outdone, this is the place to find fine and delicate sheep's cheeses direct from small producers, to accompany with jam and washed down with a good local aperitif or a bottle of wine from the Basque Country.

The Dryer of Espelette Etxe Peio

We wish you a good tasting and don't forget to bring back some Basque specialties in your suitcases to show them to your loved ones!

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