Nekatur: Rent a rural accommodation surrounded by nature in the Southern Basque Country

Nekatur: Rent a rural ...

Do you want to spend a holiday in the Southern Basque Country, but in an authentic place, with real players in Basque rurality? Nekatur is an association of lodge owners: More than 300 vacation rentals are available, throughout Euskadi: Araba (Alava), Bizkaia (Biscay) and Gipuzkoa (Guipuscoa) in the countryside and near the Cantabrian Sea. Grouping together to be more visible, better structured to receive people while maintaining their agricultural activity, whose know-how they share with their hosts, is an idea that makes sense. Nekatur is also experiences: workshops around oenology during your holidays (and with experts), the discovery of the region's wines (Txakoli, Rioja wines, etc.)... Quality exchanges await, encounters with nature, farmers, breeders and processors of local products... Ready for an original holiday in the Southern Basque Country?

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Discover mountain agriculture during your holidays

You won't be asked to take a pitchfork or go weeding! But the concept of rural accommodation is intimately linked to the discovery of the profession, the daily life and the way of life of the people with whom you will live, during your vacation. The small Basque farms are a real cultural heritage in breathtaking natural landscapes. It is the family farming model that often takes precedence, for an agriculture that makes sense, far from mere profit and competitiveness. Agritourisms are the best way to spend an authentic holiday and the Nekatur Association is there to help you find rural lodgings or rural apartments in the Basque Country South. The " baserritarras" are the owners of these rural houses, they have been structured in association since 1991 and it is since this date that they receive guests, curious vacationers, who love adventure and comfort!

Nekatur holiday in a rural cottage
Nekatur countryside holidays in the southern basque country

How does Nekatur work?

The rural lodgings, rural apartments and bed and breakfasts offered for rent are open all year round, they are scattered in Alava, Biscay and mainly in Guipúzcoa. The rural accommodations are equipped with all the comforts you need for your holidays (it is possible to rent rooms only, in the gîtes). Some are more spartan than others, but there's something for everyone! The guest rooms allow you to have your privacy while enjoying a qualitative exchange with the person / family who receives you. Breakfast is included, sometimes other meals on request.

Are you afraid of the language barrier? It is possible to find rural accommodation where French is spoken. Do you need special arrangements? Some lodgings are suitable for people with reduced mobility or who have a disability requiring special accessibility.

All accommodations can be booked online. Nekatur takes care of everything and in particular the telephone assistance with the customer, if necessary. It's easier to book online rather than directly calling owners who don't always understand.

Irudia Nekatur
Basque Country countryside holiday residence
Basque Country holiday residence
Rural holiday cottage rental South Basque Country

You can choose in the search engine, the options and services that are important to you: swimming pool, fireplace, garden? Some gites and apartments are particularly suitable for children with special amenities, games, equipped and secure spaces. The lodgings all have in common to allow you to enjoy the natural attractions and the sumptuous landscapes of the Basque Country. Natural parks, reserves, and for lovers of cities and charming villages: some lodgings are in very touristic places.

Nekatur rural accommodation is suitable for all types of holidays: To spend a stay in the Basque Country with friends, family, couples... To rest, to visit, to have a friendly family reunion, to play sports: hiking, Mountain biking, climbing, trail running, golf, surfing...

Make gift vouchers ! NekaBONS make it possible to offer this type of experience. To your spouse, your friends, someone in your family... It's an authentic and unique, unusual gift !

The NekaREDUCTIONS allow you to make visits at promotional rates.

Breakfast at the farm
Breakfast at the farm
Breakfast at the farm

Discover agro-breeding activities, spend holidays on the farm!

You like animals, nature, the countryside what! So come and spend a holiday that changes classic and standardized accommodation! Come and discover the authentic Southern Basque Country, come and meet people who work the land, know and manufacture the best regional products. Thanks to experiences, you can follow the owners of rural accommodation in their daily activities. To take care of a herd, to milk cows or goats, sheep, to prepare cheese, to refine it, to take care of the vineyard, to produce a good wine, to take care of a garden, to grow and collect vegetables. Do you like local products? Come and taste cider and wine directly from the producer, taste exceptional cheeses before they are marketed. You will be received as friends and as privileged people, directly in contact with the locals. The experiences pay off because they are part of the economic model of this principle of sharing, which allows farmers to make a living from their know-how. They take time to show you, teach you, make you discover their job: choose on the site in the search engine, the activities that you would like to do during your stay.

Experience Nekatur meeting with Basque peasants
Basque Country Farm Experience

On the Nekatur website , you will find the presentation of many tourist places near the accommodation, with sometimes preferential prices and all the information to prepare your stay. The same applies to protected natural areas to be preserved. They are presented to you and you are invited to go on visits to really discover the authentic Basque Country.

It is possible to book from 1 night, all rural accommodation can be booked online. Don't be shy, don't hesitate to embark on a holiday filled with exchange, sharing, generosity, holidays placed under the sign of smiles and good humor.

Nekatur rural cottage rental

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