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      In a nod to our Basque village Espelette, world famous for "its red gold" the PDO espelette pepper, our shop is called LORBLANC La Maison Du Fromage.

      It's a paradise for olfactory taste buds! Come, we will surprise you with our smells and the diversity of all the famous Basque gastronomy products from our local producers.

      Sheep's milk cheese, cow's milk, goat's milk and mixed cheese, a very complete creamery section, cold cuts with Bayonne Ham, local sausages, rillettes, paté, ready meals, seafood, Basque sauces, side dishes, jams, beer, digestives, wines etc.... Free tasting, free admission.

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Useful information

Province : Labourd

Location : 30 Merkatu Plaza
64250 Espelette


30 Merkatu Plaza
64250 Espelette


Phone : 05 59 70 53 76

GPS coordinates

43° 20'23.46"N, 1° 26'51.18"W

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