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Useful information

Province : Labourd

Location : Avenue de la Mairie
64250 Cambo-les-Bains


Avenue de la Mairie
64250 Cambo-les-Bains

GPS coordinates

43° 21'39.54"N, 1° 23'56.14"W

Traveller Reviews

4.5 sur 5 793 reviews

  • "Well kept secret"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by Darlene G on 06/10/2019

    I went to Arnaga on the advice of a local. It's the home of the author of Cyrano de Bergerac. I know the story but didn't know the author. From the home and property, I can see he was not only...

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  • "Beautiful"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by jenkle89 (Hendaye, France) on 18/06/2019

    Absolutely beautiful french and english gardens, the villa itself is just as spectacular and it's 19 rooms are well explained in English thanks to the information sheets found in each room. Over 100...

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  • "A piece of heaven"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by mikaelziste (Montreal, Canada) on 27/04/2019

    What a great location ! Such a relaxing atmosphere around the lovely gardens, the building is magical and well maintained . During spring time te flowers makes it even more wonderful . Definitely...

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