Our selection of unusual rentals in the Basque Country

Our selection of unus ...
Do you want to enhance your holidays in the Basque Country and live a new experience? How about staying in unusual accommodation? There is nothing better to give a hint of originality to your stay. Are you looking for a vacation rental that takes you off the beaten path and takes you off the beaten track? Whether you prefer top-of-the-range services or rather a natural site with a rustic atmosphere, whether you want to stay on the Basque coast or in the hinterland, we have selected for you the most unusual rentals in the Basque Country, for an exotic vacation, which will leave you with unforgettable memories!

Opening photo : © La Cabane perchée Andreinia

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1) The Arcangues huts

Near the Errota Handia Regional Nature Reserve, the Cabanes d'Arcangues are very unusual huts in the woods. Each of them has a unique architecture and specific access. Trapezoids, overhangs on stilts, walkways or spiral staircases… they are very heterogeneous and sometimes seem improbable… It is sure, you will experience one of the amazing vacations there!

  • You will like : Very surprising “holiday homes” tailor-made for each situation.

To visit nearby : Start your visit with the charming villages of Arcangues and Ustaritz. The Arcangues golf course is famous. If you are a golfer, see our article on golf breaks in the Basque Country. Then go to Guéthary, a surfer's paradise. In Arbonne, you can taste and celebrate Txotx, in the Fronton cider house.

Cabanes d'Arcangues

Cabanes d'Arcangues  Cabanes d'Arcangues

Photos @ les Cabanes d'Arcangues and Pays Basque Drone

2) The Andreinia treehouse

La Cabane perchée Andreinia is located in Estérençuby, on the Spanish border to offer you a stay between the French and Spanish Basque Country. In the park of the hotel restaurant Andreinia, this perched hut allows you to feel isolated, in the middle of the Basque hills, while enjoying the hotel amenities and services.

  • You will like : The hotel services, to have fun also on the plate.

To visit nearby : You are very close to the border, it is a good opportunity to make a foray into the Spanish Basque Country. If you want to stay on the French side, here is our visit to the fortified city of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (fr) and a night walk in the city to discover it differently. For a more natural outing, at Lake Harrieta, you can go fishing or pedal boating.

The Andreinia Treehouse

The Andreinia Treehouse  The Andreinia Treehouse

Photos @ La Cabane perchée Andreinia

3) Etxe Ttipi

Still in Estérençuby, Etxe Ttipi offers you a very innovative living concept : a tinyhouse. You put it in the heart of nature, with a view of the Nive and you live a unique experience! You will be able to see how the notion of space is relative. Everything has been thought of for you to make you feel at ease, with your family, in minimalist but comfortable accommodation. You will be surprised by the inventiveness of the interior fittings!

  • You will like : An inspiring stay on the new conceptions of the habitat.

To visit nearby : In Estérençuby and less than a kilometer from the rental, you can take the GR10 to the Bagargiak pass. The village of Saint-Jean-le-Vieux has a very long history. Its beautiful heritage bears witness to this and is worth a visit. Gourmets will appreciate the traditional Maison Mayté and its delicious hams.

Etxe Ttipi

Etxe Ttipi  Etxe Ttipi

Photos @ Etxe Ttipi

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4) Arbolateia gites

In Bidart, along the Basque coast, Arbolateia gites are ideal for enjoying the ocean. These are ecological cabins, designed to preserve their environment, a green setting. Whether it's the hut or the crampotte, a fisherman's hut, it is a haven of peace where you will spend a stay outside the world and yet so topical!

  • You will like : Their eco-friendly design for ethical vacations. And… A swimming pool to relax!

To visit nearby : Bidart is a typical village, very emblematic of the Basque Country. It is a must visit (fr)! It is a good starting point for beautiful bike rides or on foot, especially on the coastal path that will take you to Saint-Jean-de-Luz. But you can also discover a picturesque activity there : the Cesta Punta, a Basque pelota specialty. Without forgetting to bask on one of the most beautiful Basque beaches : Erretegia.

Arbolateia cottages  Arbolateia cottages

Photos @ les gites Arbolateia

5) The Marosenia ttiki huts

In Ascain, a stone's throw from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the Cabanes Marosenia Ttiki offer you a wellness area between ocean and forest. The cabins are located near the Rhune mountain and the Hendaye spots. It's up to you to choose your camp, in the surf or Robinson cabin! However, they are very pleasant cabins, with private spa.

  • You will like : Activities between mountain and ocean.

To visit nearby : In Saint-Jean-de-Luz, there are many visits to do : the Maison Louis XIV on the history of the city, the House of the Infanta, the castle of Urtubie, the garden botanical. While the children will have fun at the Trampoline park and the Luzi park.

the Marosenia Ttiki huts  the Marosenia Ttiki huts the Marosenia Ttiki huts

Photos @ les Cabanes Marosenia Ttiki

6) guest nests

Even more unusual, in Cambo-les-Bains, the Nids d'hôtes are curious huts perched in an enchanted tree. This 12-meter-high, tree-shaped structure supports rooms for two or a couple with children. These nesting boxes are cozy and equipped with a spa area. They are decorated to put you in a natural and artistic atmosphere, in harmony with the setting. They have many portholes to observe the little animals of the night.

  • You will like : The wellness area, surrounded by nature and so original in design.

To visit nearby : Cambo-les-Bains is renowned for the benefits of its waters. We tested a spa treatment for you. You can also visit the splendid Villa Arnaga and its Edmond Rostand Museum. The GR8 allows you to hike to Sare.

guest nests  guest nests guest nests  guest nests

Photos @ les Nids d'hôtes

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7) The Manex treehouse

In Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, the Manex perched cabin is a real house on stilts. From its large terrace, you can admire the magnificent panorama over the Nivelle valley. This large house for 2 to 4 people is very well equipped, with kitchen and convertible living room. In height, in the treetops, you will be able to surprise both the birds which nest there and the deer which frolic below.

  • You will like : The exceptional view.

To visit nearby : At the Lac de Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle leisure center, you can practice water sports, such as stand-up-paddle boarding, canoeing or pedal boating. You can also go for a walk in the 12 hectare estate which surrounds the lake. During the summer, inflatable structures are installed for family fun. Watch our video report on a fun day at Lake Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle.

Manex perched hut  Manex perched hut

Photos @ Manex perched hut

Do you want to consult other unusual rentals in the Basque Country? Go to our section dedicated to atypical accommodation. We hope we have helped you find the accommodation that will make your next stay in the Basque Country unforgettable.

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