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      The Cité de l'Océan offers visitors the opportunity to discover the Ocean in a fun, experimental and sensational way !

      They are led to live amazing, immersive and unique experiences on the Ocean: biodiversity, sports activities (surfing...), discovery of species and biotopes, playful discovery of the poles, etc…

      • Virtual Trip 360° leads the audience to dive into the depths of the Ocean: breathtaking !
      • Virtual Surf offers to face 7 mythical waves and win as many points as possible to reach the surfers' podium !
      • The board movements, wind and spray of Surf Sensation 5D make this animation a surf trip between fiction and reality.
      • The underwater base and the polar base are the ideal places to acquire knowledge about the Ocean : why is the sea salty ? What animals live in the North Pole? Perfect for learning and having fun !
      • Dynamic cinema with special effects offers a sensational and original experience across the North and South Poles.
      • 700 sharks in the night is a 12-minute documentary at 360° to dive in the middle of a pack of grey sharks in the Fakarava reserve in French Polynesia.
      • A magnificent 40-minute 3D film to discover or rediscover the wonders of the ocean.
      Indicates : Seaborg is a stunning animation for thrill seekers. Equipped with a virtual reality mask, visitors leave for an immersive journey of 4 minutes at 360°! Sensations guaranteed ! »

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Useful information

Location : Sea side

Province : Labourd

Location : Avenue de la Plage
64200 Biarritz


Avenue de la Plage
64200 Biarritz

GPS coordinates

43° 27'44.67"N, 1° 34'18.62"W

Traveller Reviews

3.5 sur 5 729 reviews

  • "Five star attraction"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by Treasa de p on 29/07/2019

    Two adults and one eight year old. We had combination ticket with the acquarium in Biarritz but decided to do it on a separate day. We were glad we did for two reasons. The first us the recommended...

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  • "Don't go on a rainy day !"

    3 / 5 Reviews posted by 644JCH (Mnachester) on 27/07/2019

    I'm sure this is a lovely attraction but don't go on a rainy day.we got there about 11.30 after struggling to park as everywhere was full and side streets very full. We were turned away at the desk...

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  • "Turned away by staff"

    2 / 5 Reviews posted by creaheron on 26/07/2019

    We visited on a rainy day, when we arrived at 3pm friendly staff told us not to bother, as the queue for each activity was over an hour while the activities last about 3 minutes. I appreciate staff...

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