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    • Urdazubi is a Basque name meaning water and bridge. Located in an exceptional setting area that serves as a gateway to the former Kingdom of Navarre, it is a place where history, culture, nature, tradition, gastronomy and sports all come together. Of particular interest are its “indiano” houses built by returned emigrants from the Americas and the house where Pedro Aguerre “Axular” was born. Among its many attractions is the mill that was rebuilt in the 18th century and which continues to operate even today.

      Urdax-Urdazubi, A key point in the stage, between Bayonne and Pamplona along the Baztan Santiago Trail; which runs between Urdax and Amaiur, via Otxondo mountain pass. Its slope is not excessive, however, the first change may seem steep to those pilgrims who are unaccustomed.

      The journey is approximately 9 kms and leads on to the next stage in the Baztan Valley prior to tackling the Belate climb. An old Pilgrims’ Hospital and present day hostel can be found in Urdax-Urdazubi.

      Urdax-Urdazubi is the ideal landscape for hiking enthusiasts, as it has 4 signposted trails starting from the town centre. In addition, the Xareta municipalities are joined by trail called the ‘Pottok Path’.

      The route is marked by a small blue horse painted on stones and runs peacefully among forests and meadows. The route is not very demanding and adapts well to families or people who are not too fit. If we begin the route from the Urdax Caves, we will be following the ‘pottok’ in two possible directions, either towards Zugarramurdi to reach Sara (8 kms. approx.) or Urdax-Urdazubi to reach Dantxarinea and finish in Ainhoa.

      The festivals in honor of the town’s patron saint are held on the Feast of the Ascension, and on Pentecost in Dantxarinea. Of special interest in August is the “Day of Iron”, which is held on the 2nd Saturday of the month, commemorating the arrival of this mineral from Bizkaia for processing at the town’s blacksmith shop. The even includes a craft fair, food and music.

      In summer there are three days dedicated to Basque ‘pelota’, where three modalities are exhibited (Xare, paleta and cesta punta), which finish with a tasting of products. Throughout the year different events are held in the commercial area of Dantxarinea.

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Useful information

Province : Labourd

Location : 31711 Urdax


31711 Urdax


Phone : (+34) 948 599 070

GPS coordinates

43° 16'1.44"N, 1° 30'16.29"W

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