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      After several years as head of production of the famous Basque sheep's cheese, Elisabeth welcomes you to the store Lorblanc and explains the production, moulding, pressing, maturing...

      This will be followed by a tasting with a comparison of the different characters and textures in relation to their refinement. (the cheese will no longer have any secrets for you!).

      All the products presented will be offered for sale by the piece, by the cut and even vacuum packed for frequent travellers!

      Visits on reservation free of charge

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Useful information

Location : In town

Province : Labourd

Location : 30 Merkatu Plaza
64250 Espelette


30 Merkatu Plaza
64250 Espelette


Phone : 05 59 70 53 76

Cell : 06 84 27 66 69

GPS coordinates

43° 20'23.46"N, 1° 26'51.18"W

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