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Producers' Shops / Delicatessen Shops

Etxe Peio

"The specialist in Basque products" Etxe Peio is sharing around a good table. The company, born in the heart of th ...

2 Rue de la Madeleine
64210 Bidart

Phone : 05 59 24 48 99

Christophe Fromager

« The Vice World Champion of Cheesemongers is from Bayonne » Since 2010, Christophe has traveled the world, worki ...

Pierre Ibaïalde

Automatic translation Pierre Ibaialde welcomes you free of charge for a presentation on the techniques of making ha ...

Maison Francis Miot

Founded in 1985, Maison Francis Miot has been making high-end artisanal jams for over 30 years. It bears the name of ...


Automatic Translate Located in the heart of the village, this typical house has a facade decorated with these mag ...

30 Merkatu Plaza
64250 Espelette

Phone : 05 59 70 53 76

Maison Petricorena

Craftsman butcher since 4 generations the House Petricorena welcomes you all year round to make you discover and tas ...

1001 Fromages


- Euskal Saski - Le Panier Basque

Automatic Translate THE EUSKAL SASKI SHOP - The BASQUE BASKET You come to the Basque Country, then discover the tr ...

Don Ulpiano Biarritz

In the heart of the city of Biarritz 2 steps from Les Halles, discover the best of Spanish and Basque cuisine. Th ...

Don Ulpiano Biarritz
12 Avenue Victor Hugo
64200 Biarritz

Phone : 05 59 26 36 38

Maison Arostéguy

Founded in 1875, Maison Arostéguy is the oldest family-run delicatessen in France. The grocery store is located i ...

Maider et Alain

Artisans-traders for many years in Ascain, and lovers of good things, we want to share with you our most delicious d ...

Maider et Alain
168 Zone Artisanale Larre Lorre
64310 Ascain

Phone : 05 59 26 56 44

Mon Pimentier

Mon Pimentier is the first Concept Store dedicated to Espelette pepper, the only spice in French gastronomy. This in ...

Les Gourmandises d'Amatxi

22 Rue Mazagran, 64200 Biarritz

Les gourmandises d'Amatxi

69 Rue Léon Gambetta, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz