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    • The Bastide de Saint Palais, capital of the Mixe Country at the confluence of Bidouze and Joyeuse, was once the regional administrative capital at the time of the partition of Navarre, it even hit the currency. There lived then the Treasurer General of Navarre and the Chancellor, it is besides here that were held in 1522 the first states general of Low Navarre.
      At the crossroads of Saint Jacques roads, Saint Palais has always been a place of fairs and markets, and remains today an important center of markets. Note that the municipality has the largest agricultural cooperative in the Basque Country.
      Visit the "House of the Heads", decorated with the coat of arms of the last Kings of Navarre, the former Hotel de la Monnaie, and the Museum of Lower Navarre ...

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Useful information

Province : Basse Navarre

Location : 64120 SAINT PALAIS




Phone : 05 59 65 71 78

GPS coordinates

43° 19'38.63"N, 1° 1'58.79"W

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