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    • After ten years of experience in different wine-growing structures, Cécile SABAH and Sébastien CLAUZEL embarked on a magnificent adventure in May 2011: Producing their own wine. "We needed freedom, to live conscientiously with ourselves and to work on quality production with a genuine link to the terroir".

      Thus was born the Domaine GUTIZIA in the heart of the Basque vineyard, Appellation Irouleguy Controlled carried by a common passion and the wish to share it with you.

      Do not hesitate to come to GUTIZIA !


      A rosé predominantly Tannat that offers a nice freshness with a nice aromatic pattern dominated by small red berries.

      We are looking to vinify red wines accessible young while keeping concentrated materials to allow a viellissement. Two cuvées of red are produced on the estate: a red wine with a dominant cabernet franc on fruity notes, more in "suppleness than in muscle" ; The Dotorea vintage 90% Tannat with a structured tannic structure that will soften over time.

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Useful information

Province : Basse Navarre

Location : Quartier Leispars
64430 Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry


Quartier Leispars
64430 Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry


Phone : 05 59 37 52 84

Cell : 06 20 85 11 49

GPS coordinates

43° 11'9.33"N, 1° 20'8.81"W

Traveller Reviews

4.6 sur 5 15 reviews

  • Franck GOULOT

    5 sur 5 Reviews posted by Franck GOULOT on 17/02/2020

    Des passionnés qui donnent envie de consommer (sans modération 😉) leurs bons vins, de se promener en visite guidée de leur vigne et de séjourner quelques jours pour apprécier ce beau pays...

  • Fred Béthermin

    5 sur 5 Reviews posted by Fred Béthermin on 17/09/2018

    Cécile et Sébastien vous réservent un superbe accueil. Les vins sont excellents ! Cette année, nous avons eu le plaisir de goûter le petit nouveau, un blanc Irulegi. Arno xuria oso ona dago, gorria eta beltza ere bai 😉 !

  • Guillaume Junger

    5 sur 5 Reviews posted by Guillaume Junger on 14/10/2019

    Vin AOC irouleguy excellent. Les propriétaires sont très accueillants. Une adresse à connaître !

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