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    • Manufacturer of "speciality macaroons"" for your greatest enjoyment...

      My grandmother and mother passed on to me some of their culinary secrets and as a tribute to them and probably so many parents and grandparents of the world, we care about preserving their traditions and skills.

      It is thanks to them that for you, gourmet and authentic flavours amateurs, we are proud to bake every day, our natural and simple macaroons.

      Our macaroons are all home-made. Each one is hand piped with a pastry bag as it was done in the good old days.

      They are exclusively made with selected dried, ground or grated fruit : Almonds, Hazelnuts or Coconut that we ''macaroon'' with a hint of sugar and FRESH egg white.
      No fat, coloring or food preservatives are added. And of course, no flour.
      You savour mouthes full of happiness made of natural ingredients and ancestral techniques. We simply respect ancestral traditions.

      Natural ingredients combined to ancestral techniques result in delicious bites...

      We presently have in our offer 5 different varieties :

      - Almond
      - Almond – chocolate – chili from Espelette
      - Coconut
      - Coconut / chocolate
      - Hazelnut

      Our macaroons are fresh and can be frozen. You may defrost them at room temperature or slightly bake them in the oven : you will have the impression that your grandmother just made them for you...

      For optimal preserving, keep the package closed in a dry place and protected from direct sunlight. This way they will keep several weeks.

      But as my Grandmother always used to stay : '' enjoy them... before someone else does it for you !!!... ''

      NEW : Homemade cereal bar made especially for pilgrims (100% dried fruit and honey). And coconut coconut chocolate chip macaroon. Personalised barley sugar in the colours of the Basque country and candies.

      Creation of personalized candies by clicking here !

      Opening hours

      10h 13h - 14-19h for St jean pied de port and the bastide
      Open from early April to late October

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Useful information

Province : Basse Navarre

Location : rue Notre Dame
64240 La Bastide Clairence


rue Notre Dame
64240 La Bastide Clairence

GPS coordinates

43° 25'50.29"N, 1° 15'24.01"W

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