What to do in the rain in the basque country

What to do in the rai ...

Wondering where to go in the Basque Country when it rains? This is not an unusual situation, don't worry, that's why the landscape is so green. It's hard to know where to rest when it's raining, but in rainy weather in the Basque Country there is always something to do. Here are some good original ideas to keep you busy in the rain, in Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet and even everywhere!

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Walk in the rain

In the countryside, walking in the rain is not a very pleasant activity... Between the trees which discharge their excess water at the first gust of wind and the feet which wade through the wet grass... ocean on the other hand, the rain is nothing difficult to bear. With a little drizzle or fine rain, do not hesitate to enjoy the magic of the Biarritz coast, the Saint-Jean-de-Luz seafront. In Guéthary in rainy weather, you can also admire the surfers who come to challenge the waves and of course also take out the board (on this occasion, read our article on the most beautiful surf spots in the Basque Country ). Take the coastal path, for example from Bidart to Hendaye, only if there are no gusts of wind, as some steep or cliff-side viewpoints would be dangerous.

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Can it be discovered? Read our article on the most beautiful beaches in the Basque Country to go for a walk, play sports or simply swim and sunbathe. If you want to play sports, read our article on the best hikes in the Basque Country, which can also be enjoyed in the rain with the right equipment!

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Eat, turn to gastronomy to indulge yourself

When the weather is gloomy, we want to cocoon and it is well known, to eat comforting things. The richness of the gastronomy of the Basque Country is well established, here it is the kingdom of eating well with a range of local products, from small, high-quality local producers. Take advantage of the rain to go shopping for example at the Docks of Biarritz, or at the Halles des Cinq Cantons in Anglet, two kingdoms of gluttony. Do you want to take a break? Stop by one of Bayonne's coffee shops, unless you prefer to visit one of our top 5 bars in Bayonne? Discover Etxe Peio, a local brand which has several stores and which produces a large part of the delicacies on the shelves, in Espelette.If you like charcuterie, go for a visit to Pierre Ibaïalde.

Basque gastronomy

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If you are ready to take a short drive in the rain, head for the cheese route, a great road trip to taste Ossau Iraty among small producers and many other surprises... We can also offer you, via Saint-Palais, to go see Franck Mendivé to offer you a box of his fantastic artisanal chocolates. Did you know that chocolate is one of the historical specialties of the Basque Country? Visit the chocolate discovery trail in Bayonne to find out more or the Chocolate Museum in Cambo-les-Bains. Another specialty is wine! Yes, the vines thrive and flourish in the Basque Country and a little rain will be an opportunity to go and taste the wines of Irrouleguy, in the cellar. And above all, do not miss the opportunity to savor a glass of Basque cider, sagarnoa. It is less sweet than its Breton counterpart and can be enjoyed all year round, but especially on the occasion of Txotx! Go to a Basque cider house, to eat a good cod omelet, then a prime rib with fries and sheep cheese, all washed down with cider that you take directly from the barrel. It's a very festive and great gastronomic experience to share with friends.


A Txotx evening in the Basque Country, good food and good cider!

Go to a restaurant when it rains! Consult our selection of restaurants in the Basque Country, but also our addresses of producers' stores and delicatessens.

What to visit in the Basque Country when it rains?

A multitude of activities are available indoors, dry tours will delight the whole family. If you are more culture and heritage, go to the Château Observatoire Abbadia, which stands on the cliffs of Hendaye. You can take a tour of the Museums of the Basque Country, which are of course sheltered from the rain. In Bayonne, the Basque Museum and the History of Bayonne will teach you more about your holiday region, there is also the Museum of Natural History which is very popular with young audiences. Further inland and depending on the opening period, you can dive into the bowels of the Isturitz and Oxocelhaya caves, just 30 minutes from Bayonne.

With the children, you can of course go to the cinema, but why not take the opportunity to make cultural and fun visits at the same time? Meet at the Cité de l'Océan, to learn more about the ocean, seas, navigation and underwater worlds. Entertainment, games, it's a very fun visit. To see the small fish up close, head to the Biarritz Aquarium. If they need to let off steam, head to The Roof for an indoor rock climbing session they will not soon forget (neither will you!). If the season is right, go and learn more about a Basque icon: Cesta Punta, a Basque pelota specialty. Meet the experts and watch a game.

City of the ocean

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Consult our section dedicated to Escape Games, puzzle and geocatching games, Escape Games take place indoors and it's a bright idea to spend a moment racking your brains with family or friends. To get children to expel excess energy, go to Luzi Parc, an indoor playground or to Let's Jump, a trampoline park to have fun in all directions.

Trampoline Park

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Ready for a shopping getaway? Why not cross the Spanish border to visit Hondarribia and Irun, two charming towns that have a great range of stores for shopping aficionados. Also discover San Sebastian and its delicious restaurants.

Take care of your body in the Basque Country

Finally, when it rains it is also an opportunity to take care of yourself, to take a break from the tumult of everyday life. Indulge yourself with a relaxing day of well-being at Hélianthal Thalazur, for example. In Cambo-les-Bains, thermal cures welcome you for a stay in thermal waters with recognized benefits on the body (with or without medical prescription). Consult our dedicated section to find a spa, spa, sauna or hammam in the Basque Country. You will have the choice depending on where you are located and the type of treatment you are looking for.

Helianthal Thalazur

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Have you had your fill of good ideas? There is always something to do when it rains in the Basque Country, even for those who don't want to face the elements at all and stay dry. Between relaxation, gluttony, culture and sport, the holidays will be well filled, the weekends too!

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